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What Is Custom Printed Tape?


Our printed tape is basically bespoke orders of our tape, this basically meaning you can have it custom to you and your business, whether that be your logo on the tape itself, specific color, or custom designs to meet your requirements. This can make your workplace a lot more personalized and can be designed to how you please.

Custom floor marking

Our custom floor marking service allows you to make unique safety measures in your workplace. We have a variety of die cuts that can help produce the shapes you require, such as cut out of boots to resemble a walkway. This can help create a guided layout for your employees on which to follow. Relating to floor markings, the aim is to improve the optimization of the workplace so having the option to have custom shapes can help you effectively layout your workplace. It also allows you to stand out from the crowd, allowing more people to be exposed to your logo and brand visually, giving your company more exposure. It also shows you have an eye for detail, meaning you care about your company’s appearance, and this can help build consumers’ confidence in your business. Finally, it can reduce overall waste making it more environmentally friendly since it will be a custom order, you will be given the correct amount you need so that your not then ordering too much and potentially wasting product and making unnecessary waste.

Where can they be applied

There is an endless list of where custom printed tape/ floor markings can be applied, the main ones being a warehouse: this is to ensure the safety of your employees and to create a system for them to be able to follow. Factories are another to create a color-coded layout, so all staff know where their operating station is and where all the equipment is, reducing any downtime since the workers don’t have to waste time finding the things they need. This is where custom floor markings thrive. They can also be used in different areas, such as in construction you don’t need to have a logo on there you can have any message you want, so for a specific area on the site, you could place your printed tape stating “hardhat required” to ensure your staff’s safety when working, another example of this would be in plumbing where you can easily display the hot and cold pipes for potential learners.


Advantages of custom floor markings:

  • Custom to you and your company
  • Can create perfect sizes
  • Die cuts to meet your requirement
  • Improves safety
  • Improves productivity
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Reduce waste

Abrasive Options

We can also offer abrasive custom tape on the Heskins website. This would be the perfect use for anti-slip tape that is going to get used outside and need stronger grip properties. To find more information, head to the Heskins website we have a range of anti-slip tape to meet any needs or requirements.

We offer a wide range of anti-slip tape in several colors as for wet areas, we have bolt down anti-slip plates, this is on a metal bolt that keeps the tape secure in position and are designed not to tarnish


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