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PermaLean® is our most durable and lean floor marking tape yet!

What is PermaLean®?

  • Durable, lean marking tape
  • Tough, upper laminate
  • Printed, colour base layer
  • 0.022″/570mu thick
  • Rolls & die-cut widths up to 49″
  • Many die-cut shapes
  • 1-year guarantee

With a total thickness of 570mu, PermaLean® is the leanest self-adhesive, industrial-grade floor tape in the world.

With PermaStripe® being 1300mu and PermaRoute® 960mu, PermaLean® allows us to offer a cost-effective range of durable, lean floor tapes that expands the line marking options further for a wider audience to choose from to suit their requirements and budget. The product is designed to be extremely tough while allowing great margins for resellers.

Free samples are available to business who want to see the quality first hand. Order your free samples here.

Please view the range below:

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