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Putin, Berlusconi, PermaStripe® and the Wine


Our 50mm yellow PermaStripe® was exposed to all of the world’s media this week when it was clearly shown used in the Crimean Massandra winery.

Last week, our 50mm yellow PermaStripe® took the spotlight as it was prominently featured in media coverage from around the world. The Crimean Massandra winery proudly showcased our vibrant yellow aisle marking tape, clearly demonstrating its effectiveness in enhancing its facility.

Visually, the rolls of yellow PermaStripe® looked fresh and performed their crucial role of highlighting the aisles with utmost clarity. The winery quickly recognized the advantages of our unique aisle marking tape, realizing that it was the ideal solution for their specific needs. While the winery may not experience high traffic like some other applications, its environment poses unusual difficulties. The aisles are narrow, necessitating close control of traffic flow. Additionally, the presence of dust in the winery requires a mild anti-slip emboss on the tape, ensuring safety and stability. Furthermore, given the challenging working conditions in the winery, it is essential for the marking tape to be long-lasting and durable, as replacing it easily is not a feasible option.

Founded in 1890, the Massandra Winery holds the distinction of being the oldest winery in Crimea. Its exquisite wines have earned global recognition and acclaim. Notably, the winery garnered attention from none other than Berlusconi, who expressed his interest in trying a precious bottle of Jeres de la Frontera, a Massandra Sherry dating back to 1775. According to the Massandra website, this particular vintage is one of the oldest and most expensive wines in the world! The association of such a prestigious winery with our PermaStripe® aisle marking tape only further solidifies its reputation for excellence.

The accompanying photo truly captures the remarkable visibility and effectiveness of PermaStripe®. Even in a relatively dark environment, our product stands out prominently, surpassing the visibility of any other element in the picture. The vibrant yellow color of the PermaStripe® tape adds a distinct visual element, contributing to the overall aesthetics and functionality of the winery.

PermaStripe® is available in a range of sizes, including rolls measuring 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm, allowing for versatile application. Additionally, we offer a variety of die-cut shapes and colors to suit different requirements. Custom options are also available, depending on the order quantity, ensuring that we can tailor our products to meet specific needs and preferences.

The exposure of our yellow PermaStripe® in the Crimean Massandra winery has showcased the exceptional qualities of our product to a global audience. Its prominent use in such a renowned establishment underscores its reliability, durability, and effectiveness in a challenging environment. We take pride in providing top-quality aisle marking solutions that not only enhance safety but also add visual appeal to various industries.

Whether you are operating a winery, a warehouse, or any other facility that requires clear and visible aisle marking, PermaStripe® is a perfect choice.

To explore the full range of PermaStripe® products, including our various sizes, colors, and custom options, please visit our website.

At PermaStripe®, we are committed to delivering exceptional products that meet the wide range of requirements of our customers. We invite you to experience the benefits of our aisle marking solutions and join the many satisfied customers who have trusted PermaStripe® for their marking needs.


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