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Putin, Berlusconi, PermaStripe® and the Wine


Our 50mm yellow PermaStripe® was exposed to all of the world’s media this week when it was clearly shown used in the Crimean Massandra winery.

The rolls were looking fresh and visibly performed their role in highlighting the aisles. The winery realised the advantages of our unique aisle marking tape. The winery is not a high traffic application but is unusually difficult: the aisles are narrow so traffic needs to be closely controlled, there is a lot of dust present so a mild anti-slip emboss is required and the material must be long lasting, due to the difficultly of working in that environment the product cannot be replaced easily.

The Massandra Winery, founded in 1890, is the oldest in Crimea, and it’s fine wines have gained it global recognition. Something which Berlusconi was not going to miss out as he asked if he could try a precious bottle of Jeres de la Frontera, a Massandra Sherry from 1775. According to the Massandra website, it is one of the oldest and most expensive wines in the world!

The photo displays fantastically well how visible and effective PermaStripe® is, a relatively dark environment and the product stands out better in the photo than anything else!

PermaStripe® is available in rolls measuring 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm with many die-cut shapes and colours available also. Custom options are available dependent on order quantity.


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