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PermaStripe® Line Marking Tape Outlasts All Comers


This case study relates to a common point that is made to us:  “line marking tape doesn’t last”. Read how PermaStripe® line marking tape bucks that particular trend right here.

This case study relates to a common point that is made to us: “line marking tape doesn’t last” or often “aisle marking tape is rubbish, it either lifts or flakes away within weeks”. It is a real problem for us to try and emphasise that PermaStripe® is nothing like those horrible, cheap line marking tapes.

In late 2013 we were contacted by one of the huge worldwide logistic companies. One of their main UK hubs was undergoing demarcation planning. Their DC operation did not lend itself to paint or resin line-markings, they needed to operate 24/7 with no downtime or interruption. The long cure and dry times of both paint and resin would result in them having to either close the operation completely or perform staged closures, neither was of interest. They have previously used line marking tape and accepted that they would need to constantly replace it every few months with all the time incurred. One of the company’s staff had performed some research on line marking tape and then discovered that Heskins produced a material that was unique in coming with a 3-year guarantee. I received the phone call and had to persuade them to try our material as it was totally different and unlike anything they have ever seen. I gave not only my word but also our company guarantee that it would not fail in their application and that they would experience no problems with the product.

Just before 2014, we received a small trial order, the company informed us that they had nothing to lose but a small amount of money and would try PermaStripe® but did not expect it to last more than 6 months at best. I asked them to call me if at any stage it failed and I would keep good on my promise.

In June 2015 I received an email, PermaStripe® was still looking as good as it was in 2014, they have received zero failure and the colleagues who predicted failure have all witnessed just how tough and durable it is. We are expecting to receive the major order by September, once we have finalized the total quantity, their layout is huge but relatively simple, with long continuous lines with 90° corners to create a clean appearance. They have solely focused on yellow for visibility and have no need for any 5S colours as no production, recycling etc is involved at this location.

If you want samples to see just how good our product is please request them using our sample request form. We are more than happy to send samples free of charge.

Case Summary

Problem: A durable line marking tape required that didn’t require replacing every 6 months.

Solution: Convinced them of the quality of PermaStripe® by sending out free samples and notifying them of our 3-year guarantee on all PermaStripe® products, to give them confidence that PermaStripe® was the right line marking solution for them.


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