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PermaStripe® High Temperature Tests


PermaStripe® is a great line marking material, but as we offer a 3 year guarantee on it we want to ensure that it works in virtually all environments.

PermaStripe® is renowned for its durability and effectiveness as a line-marking material. With a 3-year guarantee, it is designed to perform exceptionally well in various environments. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction and ensuring the suitability of PermaStripe® in all conditions, we have undertaken extensive testing to validate its performance in the challenging heat of the Middle East.

Expanding Into the Middle East: Recognizing the growing opportunities in the Middle East, we have intensified our efforts to establish a strong presence in the region. This includes increased marketing investments, participation in exhibitions, and proactive engagement with potential customers. Our goal is to provide reliable and innovative line-marking solutions that meet the demands of the local market.
Heat Challenges in the Middle East: The Middle East is known for its scorching temperatures, which pose a particular challenge for line marking materials.

Facilities with skylights or direct exposure to sunlight require line marking that can withstand the heat without compromising performance or appearance.

Understanding the importance of addressing this issue, we embarked on a rigorous testing process to ensure that PermaStripe® excels even in the most extreme heat conditions.

Rigorous Testing Process: To evaluate the heat tolerance of PermaStripe®, we partnered with Adhesive Technical Services Ltd., an external testing laboratory renowned for its expertise in adhesive materials. The product was subjected to a long-term exposure test at 50°C, simulating the harsh Middle Eastern climate. This comprehensive examination aimed to assess the material’s performance under high temperatures and prolonged exposure to ensure its reliability.

Impressive Results: The testing results exceeded our expectations, affirming PermaStripe® as an outstanding heat-tolerant line marking solution. Even after prolonged exposure to extreme heat, PermaStripe® demonstrated remarkable performance, achieving a static shear result of 17.9N/25mm. This result surpassed the performance of any floor marking tape, even when tested under normal ambient temperatures. The superior heat resistance of PermaStripe® ensures its suitability for Middle Eastern facilities, providing long-lasting and reliable aisle marking solutions.

Benefits for Middle Eastern Facilities: The exceptional heat tolerance of PermaStripe® brings numerous benefits to facilities in the Middle East. By withstanding high temperatures, PermaStripe® maintains its structural integrity, adhesive strength, and vibrant color, ensuring clear and visible markings even in challenging conditions. Moreover, its durability prevents the need for frequent replacement or maintenance, reducing downtime and costs for facility owners.

Safety and Efficiency: In addition to its heat resistance, PermaStripe® promotes safety and efficiency in Middle Eastern facilities. The clear and visible line markings help delineate pathways, hazard zones, and traffic areas, ensuring smooth operations and preventing accidents. The high-quality adhesive ensures a secure bond to the floor surface, preventing peeling or lifting, even in high-traffic areas.

With PermaStripe®, facility managers can create a safe and organized working environment that complies with industry regulations.

Customer Confidence and Satisfaction: The rigorous testing process and impressive results reinforce our commitment to delivering reliable and high-performance products. By choosing PermaStripe®, customers in the Middle East can have confidence in the durability and effectiveness of our line marking solution.

Continued Innovation and Support: As we continue to expand our presence in the Middle East, we remain dedicated to innovation and customer support. Our knowledgeable team is always available to provide guidance, answer questions, and offer customized solutions to meet individual.


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