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PermaRoute Used to Create an Optimised Factory Route Marking System


Create an optimised factory route marking system with PermaRoute. Using PermaRoute as a better and more durable alternative to line marking products.

We have recently been updated with a collection of images of a new route marking system at one of our customer’s facilities made entirely from PermaRoute. They required a low profile, durable floor marking system to create a safe and efficient route marking system for vehicle and foot traffic through their factory.

They did not want to use paint, as the downtime would be too costly for initial application and touch up as well as drying time, affecting productivity.
Thin floor marking tape would have similar problems as paint. While the application time would not be as long, in high traffic areas it would degrade too quickly, resulting in downtime to reapply.

They contacted us to discuss use of our product, and we recommended PermaRoute for their factory line marking, as it is a durable alternative to both options mentioned above. It is low profile and easy to apply, with a vivid, homogenous finish to ensure great visibility when moving through the factory.

As you can see from the image, they have created easily distinguished lanes for both foot and vehicle traffic, with a crossing system for any pedestrian lanes that cross vehicle through ways to ensure safety is paramount at all times. The finish is clean, durable and extremely functional, giving the customer an excellent factory line marking that will last for years!

Case Summary

Problem: Factory demanded a route marking system that was durable, highly visible and easy to apply.

Solution: PermaRoute supplied in two colours in roll and die-cut format for quick and easy application.
If you have a similar situation, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.


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