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PermaLean® Now Available


PermaLean® is now available to order. PermaLean® has been produced to widen our durable marking tape range, offering our customers more choice to suit their requirements and budget.

What makes PermaLean® different?

At 500mu (0.022″), it is a lean, industrial-grade marking tape, compared to PermaStripe®, at 1300mu (0.05″) and PermaRoute® at 960mu (0.04″). Using thinner base materials, yet using the same production principles as PermaRoute® results in a durable, yet lean marking tape, which is cost-effective and more suitable for environments that require a tough marking system, but not to the level of our PermaRoute® and PermaStripe®.

PermaLean® has been launched in many available colours and rolls in various widths. We have many stock die-cut designs, with custom options possible too (dependent on MOQs).

To learn more about PermaLean®, please visit the PermaLean® product page.

To order PermaLean® samples, please fill out the PermaLean® sample request form.


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