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New OSHA Blue PermaRoute® Now Available


We continue to increase the color options available to you in our PermaRoute® line marking range and we have done so by adding ‘dark blue’ as a stock option that is ready for dispatch right now.

This specific pantone of blue is referred to as a safety blue, according to OSHA specifi­cations.

With keeping that in mind; blue markings in your facility denote a mandatory action or behavior is required within that area. Such as putting on personal protective equipment and following all dark-blue-permarouteinformative/­warnings signs. In addition to this, blue can also be used in the railroad industry to inform workers of no starting zones, no moving equipment zones, or to warn workers of major repairs that are happening around them.

OSHA blue now gives customers a choice of blue line marking tape to choose from, with standard blue already part of our range. You can view color options right here.

OSHA blue PermaRoute® is available in sizes ranging from 2 inches up to 46 inches in width at a length of 98ft.

If you would like samples, please complete our sample request form and we will send them out to you so you can see the color and quality of our marking tape first-hand.

Visit the website for more information, or to place an order you can contact the sales team by phone, live chat or alter­natively complete the contact us form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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