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Floor Marking Tape for Aircraft Hanger


Recently we have provided one of Britain’s major aircraft hangers with our very own PermaStripe® floor marking tape.

In a recent development, Heskins provided one of Britain’s major aircraft hangars with our renowned PermaStripe® heavy-duty floor marking tape. The maintenance hangar, with its high-traffic zones and specific manufacturing areas, required a floor marking solution that could withstand the harsh demands of their operations. Traditional paint was deemed inadequate for the task, as it would not provide the necessary durability for a 5S-compliant system. It was at this point that one of our knowledgeable Sales representatives suggested the use of PermaStripe® – a recommendation that proved to be the ideal solution.

PermaStripe® is uniquely constructed using a 1mm industrial grade PVC material, making it exceptionally tough and resilient for heavy-duty applications. Its highly chamfered edges are specifically designed to withstand the constant traffic of forklifts and other heavy machinery commonly found in aircraft hangars. This robust construction ensures that PermaStripe® can withstand the rigors of a busy maintenance environment, providing long-lasting floor markings that remain visible and intact, meeting the requirements of a 5S system.

To ensure a swift and efficient production process, we worked closely with the aircraft hangar to meet their specific requirements. With a large number of rolls needed for their extensive floor marking project, we offered them the option of using our PermaStripe® floor marking tape applicator. This innovative tool facilitated the application process, enabling the team to quickly and accurately install the PermaStripe® tape throughout the hangar. The applicator not only increased efficiency but also ensured a professional and consistent appearance, contributing to the overall aesthetic of their working environment, aligning with the principles of 5S methodology.

The results of implementing PermaStripe® were impeccable. The aircraft hangar now boasts clear and visible floor markings that effectively highlight specific manufacturing areas, promoting safety and efficiency within the facility. The durability of PermaStripe® ensures that the markings remain intact even in the face of heavy traffic and regular maintenance activities, supporting a robust 5S system. The success of this installation has garnered attention from another significant maintenance site, which is currently engaged in discussions regarding the use of the complete PermaStripe® 5S floor marking system. This highlights the confidence and trust that our customers place in our products for their heavy-duty floor marking needs.


In summary, the aircraft hangar faced the challenge of finding a durable and practical floor marking solution for their maintenance site that aligns with the principles of a 5S system. Heskins provided the ideal answer with our PermaStripe® heavy-duty floor marking tape, renowned for its industrial-grade construction and highly chamfered edges. By utilizing the PermaStripe® line marking tape applicator, the installation process was expedited without compromising on quality, enabling the facility to implement a 5S-compliant floor marking system efficiently. The positive outcome of this project has generated interest from other maintenance sites, demonstrating the effectiveness of PermaStripe® and its ability to meet the diverse needs of different industries requiring heavy-duty, 5S-compliant floor markings.

If you require a reliable and durable floor marking solution for your facility, look no further than Heskins and our extensive range of PermaStripe® products. Our team is ready to guide you in finding the ideal solution to meet your specific requirements for a robust, heavy-duty, and 5S-compliant floor marking system. Contact us today to discuss your floor marking needs and experience the exceptional quality and service that Heskins is renowned for.


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