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Chemical Resistant Line Marking Tape Required!


In 2014 our stand at an exhibition was visited by a chemical manufacturer who were looking to acquire more durable line marking. Read how we helped right here.

In 2014, during our participation at the CeMAT exhibition in Hannover, we had the pleasure of welcoming a chemical manufacturer to our stand. Their visit proved to be the beginning of an interesting case study, as they were in search of a more durable line marking solution. Let’s delve into the details of how we were able to assist them.

The chemical manufacturer approached us with a common predicament. Their chemicals had been causing damage to line marking tape and warehouse line paint, leaving them frustrated with the lack of a lasting solution. Despite their efforts to clean the floor and properly prepare the surface, the tape or paint would quickly deteriorate under the influence of the chemicals. Seeking a resolution, they engaged us in conversation and inquired about our guarantee.

We explained to them the unique qualities of our PermaStripe® line marking product. PermaStripe® is unlike any other in the market; it is a solid, homogenous piece of virgin plastic. The adhesive alone measures a thickness of 160mu (in comparison, a general line marking tape has a total thickness, including the plastic upper film, of 50mu, while floor marking paint varies between 30mu and 100mu). Furthermore, the adhesive extends all the way to the edge, and the color is not merely surface-deep but permeates the entire product. This means that the color of PermaStripe® cannot be removed by chemicals; it remains intact and vibrant.

Eager to witness the performance of PermaStripe® firsthand, the chemical manufacturer requested a sample. We happily provided them with a 50mmx10m roll of PermaStripe® from our exhibition stand, allowing them to conduct a trial in their own facility. Within just one month, we received positive feedback—the product was performing flawlessly, showing no signs of deterioration. Encouraged by these results, the company made the decision to proceed with PermaStripe® for a full rollout. They opted for the color black in the aisles, as the solvents used in their processes had a bleaching effect on the concrete floor, making black an ideal visual marker.

The remarkable durability of PermaStripe® extends to its resistance against chemicals and solvents. Its homogenous construction ensures extreme levels of strength, with the film alone measuring a thickness of 1000mu. It is important to note that PermaStripe® is not printed or laminated; the color runs through the material entirely, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy. For customers working with harsh solvents, we recommend reaching out to our sales office for sample materials. This allows for thorough testing against specific formulations, ensuring the certainty of application. We offer these samples to you free of charge. Simply complete the sample request form on our website to place your order.

In summary, the chemical manufacturer faced the challenge of finding a line marking tape that could withstand the corrosive effects of their chemicals. Through the provision of PermaStripe® samples, we were able to demonstrate its success in trial applications. Consequently, PermaStripe® was selected as the optimal line marking solution, offering the durability and resistance required for their unique needs.
We are proud to have assisted this chemical manufacturer in finding a long-lasting line marking solution, and we are confident that PermaStripe® can meet the requirements of businesses across various industries. Experience the exceptional quality and durability of PermaStripe® for yourself by contacting our sales office today or visiting our website for more information. Don’t forget to complete the sample request form to receive complimentary samples tailored to your requirements.

Choose PermaStripe® and elevate your line marking to new levels of durability and performance.


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