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Guide to Applying PermaStripe Floor Marking Tape

Floor marking plays a crucial role in organizing and optimizing workspaces, and when it comes to effective floor marking solutions, PermaStripe tape stands out. Designed… Read More

ColorCovers, Elevating Safety With Cost-Effective Custom Signage

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How to Remove Floor Marking Tape

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What is 5S Optimization With Floor Marking Tape?

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Benefits Of a Floor Marking System

Floor marking tape is an essential tool in maintaining safety and organization in the workplace. Floor markings help guide employees to highlight potential hazards and… Read More

What are the 5S Color Standards?

The 5S Lean technique is a methodical strategy for planning and enhancing productivity at work. The five concepts that make up the 5S system… Read More

What Is Custom Printed Tape?

Our printed tape is basically bespoke orders of our tape, this basically meaning you can have it custom to you and your business, whether that… Read More

Floor Signs and Their Purposes

Safety Signs and their purpose: Safety signs are the key to safety in any workplace, promoting safe work practices with ease. The main idea of… Read More

The Importance of PermaStripe® Floor Marking

At PermaStripe®, we know how important floor markings are but do you? This blog is a perfect opportunity to learn the importance of floor markers,… Read More