A Floor Marking System for A Manuf­ac­turing Site

In 2012 a huge manufacturer of some of the world’s most technical products approached our company.­  Their manuf­ac­turing site is a marvel of innovation; they wanted a floor marking system that would highlight their high level manuf­ac­turing processes.­  Paint would not be durable enough, floor marking tape would be too low quality and resin was neither neat enough (uneven edges and a generally rough appearance) nor offered a convenient application process (areas had to be sectioned off for application and whilst it dries).­  They never had any prior experience with PermaStripe but contacted our company to visit them.  One of sales experts recommended PermaStripe and informed them of its durability, neat appearance and that the work area can be used immediately after appli­cation.­  Our client required their own Pantone colour to match their global corporate branding, within two weeks we had colour matches for them to approve.­  The client is now a regular customer and is a perfect ambassador for PermaStripe, if manuf­ac­turing sites want the best appearance our materials add to their working environment and create a complete 5S floor marking system.

Case summary

Problem:  Their site demands that appearance is paramount, downtime must be minimised, and only durable materials can be used.

Solution:  PermaStripe produced in their exact Pantone colour match.

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