PermaStripe Calculator

We have added a calculator to our PermaStripe shapes & sizes page, to help you find out how many cut shapes you will need for your application.

Many customers had enquired, and either them or us doing the math, sometimes it was a long task. Now with the PermaStripe calculator, we can remove all that and reduce the time between initial enquiry, and getting the goods to you.

Our PermaStripe calculator is very simple. Simply enter the number of rows, and number of pallets, and this will calculate how many of each shape you will require for the layout. It calculates it in an application shape with 4 sides, so there will always be 4 L’s required, then dependent on how many rows and pallets you require, this will determine how many T’s and X’s you will need.

With this initial application worked out, then it makes for very easy addition of any other shapes you may require, arrows, dots, letters or numbers.

Head on through and give our PermaStripe Calculator a try, you might get the itch for some PermaStripe shapes for your warehouse.

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