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Local High-End Manufacturer Requests PermaRoute®


A manufacturer recently requested a large amount of PermaRoute® floor marking to help optimise their factory during the pandemic. Read more here.

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, many manufacturers have pivoted their operations to support critical needs, such as producing medical equipment and supplies. One local high-end manufacturer, dedicated to manufacturing ventilators for the National Health Service (NHS), recognized the importance of optimizing their factory workflow during these challenging times. They turned to PermaRoute® floor marking to enhance their operational efficiency and ensure a safe working environment. Let’s delve into their experience and the benefits of PermaRoute® markers in workplace optimization.

Optimizing Workflow with PermaRoute®:

PermaRoute® markers have gained recognition as a versatile and effective solution for workplace optimization. Designed with a wide range of shapes, joins, numbers, and letters, PermaRoute® markers enable the creation of a comprehensive 5S marking system. This system enhances safety, streamlines workflow processes, and minimizes the time spent searching for the right paths and storage areas.

Visual Marking and Color Coding:

PermaRoute® markers offer a dual approach to workplace optimization. Visual marks provide clear guidance and direction, while color coding can be implemented to further enhance efficiency. By assigning specific colors to different areas or processes, employees can quickly identify the appropriate route or storage location, eliminating confusion and minimizing errors. This approach is particularly valuable in time-sensitive manufacturing environments, where every second counts.

Benefits of PermaRoute® Markers:

  • Improved Safety: Clear and visible floor marking helps create a safer work environment by guiding employees away from potential hazards and creating designated pathways. This is especially crucial in critical manufacturing operations like ventilator production, where precision and focus are paramount.
  • Enhanced Workflow Efficiency: PermaRoute® markers optimize workflow processes by clearly defining routes, storage areas, and workstations. This reduces the time spent searching for tools, materials, or the correct path, leading to increased productivity and streamlined operations.
  • Durability and Longevity: PermaRoute® markers are renowned for their durability, ensuring long-lasting performance in high-traffic areas. The markers withstand heavy machinery, foot traffic, and the challenges of a busy manufacturing facility, providing a reliable solution for long-term optimization.

Supporting Manufacturers During the Pandemic:

At Heskins, we understand the unique challenges faced by manufacturers during the pandemic. We are committed to supporting businesses in their efforts to optimize their operations and prioritize worker safety. Our extensive range of PermaRoute® markers, including shapes, joins, numbers, and letters in various colors, allows manufacturers to tailor their floor marking systems to their specific needs.

Requesting Samples and Contacting Sales Team:

If you are considering implementing a 5S floor marking system to optimize your workplace, we encourage you to request samples of PermaRoute® markers. These samples will provide you with a firsthand experience of the product’s quality and durability. To request samples, please visit our website and complete the sample request form. For further inquiries or to discuss custom requirements, our sales team is available via phone, live chat, or the contact us form on our website. We are dedicated to providing the support and solutions needed to help businesses thrive even during challenging times.

In the face of the pandemic, manufacturers continue to adapt and find innovative ways to meet critical demands. The use of PermaRoute® floor marking has proven instrumental in optimizing workflows, ensuring safety, and increasing efficiency. By implementing a comprehensive 5S marking system with PermaRoute® markers, manufacturers can streamline operations, reduce errors, and contribute to the successful production of essential goods. Embracing innovative solutions like PermaRoute® not only benefits individual manufacturers but also contributes to the larger effort of fighting the current global health crisis.


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