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Local High-End Manufacturer Requests PermaRoute®


A manufacturer recently requested a large amount of PermaRoute® floor marking to help optimise their factory during the pandemic. Read more here.

A local, high-end manufacturer are currently focusing all of their efforts into producing ventilators to help the NHS care for their patients affected by the current pandemic.

They have requested a large amount of PermaRoute® markers for their site to help optimize their workflow processes.

PermaRoute® markers are made in a wide range of shapes, joins, numbers and letters in all available colours to create a 5S optimised marking system in the workplace. This increases safety and makes workflow processes more efficient by marking routes, storage not only by visual marks, but colour coded if necessary, removing the need to look for where to go and where to put things during the workplace processes.

If you are looking for 5S floor marking for your workplace, you can request samples here (businesses only). Contact our sales team via phone, live chat or complete the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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