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The Importance of PermaStripe® Floor Marking


At PermaStripe®, we know how important floor markings are but do you? This blog is a perfect opportunity to learn the importance of floor markers, whether that be factory floor marking, regular floor marking, or our floor marking applicator!

Why is floor marking important?

Floor markings are essential in any workplace primarily for safety measures to ensure that all the staff will be safe within the workplace to prevent any injuries however they can also help improve productivity by creating designated areas to work in whether that would be color organized. With these two things in mind, we will go more in-depth throughout this blog.

What is 5S floor marking?

5S floor marking is an innovative system of floor markings designed to optimize productivity and organize your workplace utilizing visual floor markings and visual communication. This layout is perfect when utilizing factory floor marking, as we know, factories are busy places and each area is unique to its specific job. Creating a color-coded layout can help your staff know precisely where they are stationed also having less time wasted finding materials or tools when they are laid out correctly with the floor markings and finally to maintain an optimized workplace.

How can floor markings improve safety?

Floor marking is a simple but effective way to improve safety within a workplace. As we know, workplaces can be very dangerous places and the number of injuries per year gradually increases again. Floor markings can help prevent any injuries by providing you and your staff with visible guidelines around your workplace to ensure you are safe in your given location. Floor markings are also very vibrant visible which is an important factor as it makes it known to everyone who is walking by or are following the guideline system, they can also be a very informative feature, and this is done through visual communication to help people avoid those hazardous areas.

Does OSHA require floor markings?

The simple answer is yes, and it comes to no surprise because of the benefits the floor markings bring to the workplace. What is OSHA? OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 and they particularly state that “aisles and passageways must be clearly marked” this is clear evidence of the importance of floor markings and why they should be used. It does state that there is no required colors to use when marking floors giving you the full advantage on how you want to relay your information making it custom to you and your employees.
We also provide the most efficient way to apply your floor markings with our floor marking applicator, it is designed for use when applying PermaStripe® floor marking tape across large areas, improving the efficiency when choosing PermaStripe® as your facilities marking tape of choice.

We hope this blog was informative on the importance of floor markings and that you have gained a clear understanding of their role within the workplace.

Consider Floor Marking Tape?

PermaStripe®, PermaRoute® and PermaLean® remove the necessity of the many additional steps required with paint. Our floor marking tapes are produced in rolls of various widths, sizes of many shapes and many colors. For application, all that is recommended is a clean, dry surface. In many cases, an area can still be used during application. There is no drying time and no ventilation required, simply stick down and continue. If replacement is needed, then remove, clean if necessary and apply some more. For larger areas, a floor plan is recommended, and the use of our floor marking tape applicator is optional.


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