Custom Floor Tape

Custom floor tape is possible with PermaStripe & PermaRoute.

We can offer PermaStripe & PermaRoute in various sizes, shapes and even colors! Read more about the various aspects of our custom floor marking tape production below.

Custom Sizes

permastripe-custom-floor-tapePermaStripe & PermaRoute can be produced various sizes. Due to PermaStripe’­s construc­tion, widths are set to 2 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch. However, lengths can be up to 98 feet. Dependent on order quantity, special, longer length rolls can be produced.

PermaRoute has the same possi­bili­ties in length, but due to it’s production in full width logs, any width within that tolerance is possible.

Custom Shapes

permastripe-custom-floor-markingWe already have a great range of die-cut shapes for PermaStripe and PermaRoute, but dependent on order quantity, special custom floor marking shapes can be produced. We would require a design (preferably in PDF format) that we can then produce a tool from to create your custom die-cut shapes from PermaStripe or PermaRoute.

Custom Colors

Want a custom floor marking plan in your own brand colors, or a color we don’t normally produce? Supply your Pantone or RAL reference and we can make it happen. Custom colors are subject to minimum order quantities. If enough demand is created, we can potentially introduce new colors for batch production, meaning that eventually, it will be available for immediate dispatch!

Custom floor tape allows you to create the perfect floor plan for your facility, even in your own branding if required.

Contact us today to see how we can create custom floor marking tape for your business. MOQ's can vary, so please ask for these during your enquiry. For those who want to see PermaStripe and PermaRoute first hand, samples are available by completing a sample request form. (Samples can only be sent to a registered Company address)