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PermaLean Now Available

PermaLean is now available to order. PermaLean has been produced to widen our durable marking tape range, offering our customers more choice to suit… Read More

Local High-End Manufacturer Requests PermaRoute

A manufacturer recently requested a large amount of PermaRoute floor marking to help optimise their factory during the pandemic. Read more here. What makes… Read More

New OSHA Blue PermaRoute Now Available

We continue to increase the color options available to you in our PermaRoute line marking range and we have done so by adding ‘dark… Read More

Supermarket Warehouse Distribution Centre

A large Supermarket chain wanted to improve the efficiency of its distribution warehouses. Read how they used PermaRoute to solve their problem. What makes… Read More

A Floor Marking System for A Manufacturing Site

In 2012 a huge manufacturer of some of the world’s most technical products approached our company. Read how we provided a complete floor marking… Read More

Floor Marking Tape for Aircraft Hanger

Recently we have provided one of Britain’s major aircraft hangers with our very own PermaStripe floor marking tape. What makes PermaLean different? At 500mu… Read More

PermaStripe Line Marking Tape Outlasts All Comers

This case study relates to a common point that is made to us:  “line marking tape doesn’t last”. Read how PermaStripe line marking tape… Read More

Manufacturer Demands the Best Line Marking Material

A major UK car manufacturer required a line marking material; they are commissioning their new production line.  What makes PermaLean different? At 500mu (0.022″),… Read More

Chemical Resistant Line Marking Tape Required!

In 2014 our stand at an exhibition was visited by a chemical manufacturer who were looking to acquire more durable line marking. Read how… Read More

Putin, Berlusconi, PermaStripe and the Wine

Our 50mm yellow PermaStripe was exposed to all of the world’s media this week when it was clearly shown used in the Crimean Massandra… Read More

PermaRoute Used to Create an Optimised Factory Route Marking System

Create an optimised factory route marking system with PermaRoute. Using PermaRoute as a better and more durable alternative to line marking products. What makes… Read More

PermaStripe High Temperature Tests

PermaStripe is a great line marking material, but as we offer a 3 year guarantee on it we want to ensure that it works… Read More